One can attain green growth by adopting a novel technologies says, Himansh Verma


India is now inclining towards green growth. The country is progressing and trying to bring alignment between green objectives and development by restoring the environment, which caters by helping the weak strata of society. This avoids the ‘pollute first, clean up later’ model of development. In India, the natural concerns have frequently slowed down expensive foundation ventures, and the Government additionally pledges its promise to energize the eco inviting and maintainable improvements. Furthermore, many renowned companies have uncovered the void between the top administration of the approach producers and their pledge to make this planet greener and cleaner. With this motive, Navrattan Group by Himansh Verma has come up- with projects like Green Crete, SUNSUL Technology, Thermo Chemical Gasification, Sewage Sludge Incinerator, and many more.

Himansh Verma started his firm way back in the year 2004. The skills, expertise, and precision he acquired while working and learning has led him to establish the Navrattan Group of Companies. He started his journey by joining his father’s business at the age of 13 years, and since then, there was no looking back and the results we can see today with his fruitful growth as an entrepreneur. When he was on his trip abroad, an idea clicked to his mind that how people abroad are concerned about the green development of their respective country and there is a need to bring green innovations in India also. With this thought, he started working on acquiring and developing IPRs, and today, the Group owns 60+ IPRs of ‘Green’ technologies and it has become a world-renowned business group.

The Navrattan Group is presently running six different eco-friendly verticals – Navrattan Holdings Ltd., Navrattan Green Power Co. Ltd., Navrattan Green Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd., Navrattan USA Inc, Navrattan Infra Pvt. Ltd and Navrattan Science and Technology KFT. The business group’s operations are spread across various industries like construction, science & technology, infrastructure, renewable energy, transportation, waste management, healthcare, etc.

Himansh Verma has worked with global scientists and researchers to generate eco-friendly technologies for different industries all over the world. Navrattan Green Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd. is soon launching its eco-friendly product – Navrattan Green Crete in the world market. Green Crete is an Eco-friendly alternative of Portland cement. The Crete does not use limestone; instead, it is made up of waste materials and the company’s innovative formula. E-Bus is another pilot project by Navrattan Holdings Ltd. this advancement in the transportation sector will help curb the dependence of transport on fossil fuel and substantially reduces Carbon Dioxide emissions. These projects are not only which are in the pocket of Navrattan Group, but Himansh Verma is already working on a myriad of other eco-friendly projects, which will lead to a boom for the nation.

Where does the Group see itself in the coming years?

The Group aims to be a leader in innovating and developing GREEN Technologies by delivering superior value to their clientele, businesses, and society at large. To eradicate pollution by generating alternative ways of energy generation, striving towards Social, Economic and Environment Sustainability and last but not the least by achieving client satisfaction through integrated team efforts.

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