One Power Provides Sustainable Solar Energy to Companies and Households, Helping Them Reap the Immediate Benefits

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Renewable energy has become a vastly important source of power for the modern world. As companies make the first step toward adopting renewable energy, individual households as well are applying sustainable practices to power their homes. Fortunately, One Power stands at the forefront of this modern-day innovation, providing companies and households with a way to integrate their own solar-powered systems.

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One Power is an accredited and award-winning solar company that utilizes the power of solar energy to help businesses and families gain a lot of financial leeway through renewable energy. Through the company’s website, their clients can calculate the amount of monetary savings that solar energy could provide for them. Not to mention, it is a great way to save the environment, which is a win-win situation all on its own.

One Brisbane family achieved immediate savings with One Power’s solar installation, all the while reaping the amazing benefits. Craig O’ Shannessy had spent more than 15 years weighing the value of installing a solar-powered system for his family home. He was exceedingly keen to reduce the costs of his electricity bills, but the timeframe required to recoup the initial investment was never attractive enough to him.

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Recently, however, Mr. O’ Shannessy has finally come around. “In the past, the return on investment just wasn’t there. It would have taken eight years to make the cost back, and that was too long for me,” explains Mr. O’ Shannessy. “But now that ROI has come right down. I will recoup my spend in close to three years now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results we are seeing,” he adds.

It’s all thanks to One Power and its remarkable services. Mr. O’ Shannessy chose One Power to install an 8.2KW system comprising 25 solar panels and an 8KW inverter on his Brisbane home last year. He reaped the benefits immediately within the first few months of installation. Their family received a credit in their first month, and the trend continued with only two energy bills issued in the last 12 months.

The family’s average energy bills before installing were $280 per month. This compares to two $70 bills and ten monthly credits of between $35 (at the lowest) and $75 (at the highest) in the year since installing their One Power system. That equates to an annual saving of over $2600. Mr. O’Shannessy is quick to point out that not all solar-powered systems are created equal.

One Power gave him great confidence due to the company’s high-quality products. Trust and customer support were also important factors in his decision, which One Power provides in spades. Through the esteemed company’s services, Australian homeowners and commercial businesses can easily enjoy a custom-built solar-powered system designed to reduce electricity bills and save money.

One Power creates custom-built solar PV systems that are tailored to their individual clients’ homes. In the near future, the company hopes to become the biggest solar PV installer in Australia. With the way things are going now, the company is poised to reach its projections at an incredibly positive rate.