My Online Education Business Grew During the Pandemic: Hadelin de Ponteves

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What young businessman Hadelin de Ponteves, from Paris, has achieved at the age of 31 is no mean feat. His passion and relentless efforts towards making his online education business flourish have resulted in the growth of his entrepreneurial venture over the past years, including the pandemic phase. While several businesses across the world had a tough time due to the global COVID-19 situation, Hadelin’s endeavour only witnessed success.

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Ask him about the changes that came about in his business over the last two years of the pandemic, and Hadelin says, “My online education business was impacted positively. Indeed with the pandemic, people stayed much more at home, thus consuming more online content, including my online courses.”

Hadelin’s online education business isn’t just limited to his country. In fact, he has a strong base in India. “Right now, I have 1.3 million students (exactly 13.2 lakhs students, as we speak). Among which four lakh are from India. Out of the 215 countries, India is at the top of the ranking of countries buying my courses,” says Hadelin.

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Ask him if there were any changes/new courses that were introduced during the pandemic period, and he explains, “We created the same style of courses, but we made them more interactive. Indeed, people got bored during the pandemic, so we did our best to keep our students the maximum entertained by making our courses engaging and interactive.”

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