Online Reputation Management Specialist Nader Nadernejad Unveils New Corporate Brand

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Online reputation management firm, Nadernejad Media Inc. unveiled their new corporate-facing online reputation management brand, Nova Reputation Management, on Thursday.

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In a press release on the company website, Director Nader Nadernejad of Nadernejad Media said, “After helping people from all walks of life with their online reputations, we are pleased to offer our online reputation management services to corporations.”

With their new corporate brand, Nova Reputation Management, Nadernejad and his team will provide their online reputation management services to businesses who need reputation help.

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According to a report by Vendasta, 58 percent of executives believe that online reputation management should be addressed, and more large companies are beginning to hire full-time online reputation management professionals.

Nadernejad Media has been working in the online reputation management space for the past five years and are beginning to gain traction and momentum in international markets.

The company serves clients in Canada, the US, Australia and the UK, and Nadernejad himself was interviewed for a feature in McGraw Hill’s upcoming textbook, Building Your Dream, a Canadian Guide to Starting Your Own Business. The book will be used by all Canadian universities with business degree programs.

“Our strategy is different because we focus heavily on sharing information about online reputation management for free and through video content,” says Nadernejad.

To date, Nadernejad has posted over 80 videos about online reputation management on his company’s YouTube channel. He says that he gives away all of his tactics for free to his audience.

“Not only is it a better idea for us in the long-run to share as much actionable value as possible, but I think it’s also a fundamental right for people to be informed about how to manage their online presence,” says Nadernejad.

Nadernejad initially decided to launch Nova Reputation Management because his current brand, Nadernejad Media works primarily one-on-one with individual customers with over 80 percent of their client base coming from the US.

Nadernejad mentions that he will still be running Nadernejad Media as a customer-facing brand, but hopes to continue expanding to service more clients internationally.

“We use our media relationships and owned media to showcase our clients in a positive light on the first page of search engines, and it’s time we expand our brand and our services to meet the growing demands of the marketplace,” says Nadernejad.

Nadernejad plans to release a course on online reputation management and he’s in the process of writing a book too. Nadernejad says, “It’s a lot of work to get the information out there that hasn’t already been made available, but it’s our duty.”

“The truth is that corporations need our services too, and while I understand that there is trust and potential in the Nadernejad Media brand that we’ve built, it’s also important for us to create more infrastructure. The products and services we create today will allow us to remain leaders in the online reputation management space for years to come.”

Nova Reputation Management is currently active and accepting new clients.

“We help people and brands create an online presence that feels more like them.”