Oops! Rahul Gandhi goofs up again, this time in Assam

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi goofed up once again during a rally in Assam on Saturday.

File photo
File photo

While trying to rip apart the Narendra Modi government over the Citizenship Amendment Act, the Congress leader mistakenly used the word ‘ahinsa’ (peace) instead of ‘hinsa’ (violence). “Ahinsa will return to Assam if the Bharatiya Janata Party government comes to power once again,” he said, while addressing a rally in Guwahati.

He probably meant to say “hinsa” (violence) will increase due to the BJP assuming power in the state but ended up conveying the completely opposite message.

The rest of his speech was full of barbs directed at the Centre for enacting the CAA but the faux pas left Twitterati wondering if he was campaigning for the ruling dispensation.

This isn’t the first time when Rahul Gandhi has been mocked for a goof-up. His numerous gaffes in the past have earned him the nickname ‘Pappu’. A lot of the BJP leaders have on record said that Rahul Gandhi has been instrumental in their party winning election after election.