Operation MBBS first impression: A different take on medical college life

Arushi Jain
operation mbbs review

Operation MBBS is streaming on YouTube.

Remember Dr Juhi, Dr Omi, Dr Simran and Dr Rahul who walked into our lives in 2002 when the first Indian medical drama Sanjivani: A Medical Boon went on air? Yeah, the TV show had teenagers glued to the TV set every evening. At that time, did you wish to see these doctors as students in medical school, grappling with practicals and regular attendance while trying to have a hang of college life? Dice Media's latest web series Operation MBBS is your wish granted.

Operation MBBS showcases the story of three first-year MBBS students, Nishant (Ayush Mehra), Sakshi (Anshul Chauhan) and Huma (Sarah Hashmi). They come from diverse backgrounds and have their own reasons for pursuing MBBS. The first episode titled 'Infection' introduces us to the three main characters and their early days in college.

Nishant is a playful and fun-loving guy who has joined the college to stay away from family and live life on his terms. Huma has a struggle story with a middle-class background and Sakshi comes from a joint family. In the over 30 minutes episode, while there are relatable moments which reminds you of your college life; at times, you lose interest in the series. If you are a medical student, don't look for details here. They call cadaver a dead body.

The second episode 'Diagnosis' digs deeper into their life which is now burdened with academic pressure. The screenplay gets crisper, and the feel-good story of three friends leaves you with a smile. A senior student who has been failing exams for three years brings comic relief.

Talking of acting, the three lead actors, Mehra, Chauhan and Hashmi, do justice to their role of college-goers as they add a pinch of mischief, ambition and anxiety in their performance. Actors Neeraj Khetrapal, Ritika Murthy, Geetanjali Kulkarni and others look compelling as teachers.

The Dice Media web series is far better than other Indian medical TV shows and web series which either become overly dramatic after a few episodes or is reduced to a mere romantic drama where a hospital or medical college is just a name mentioned in passing.