What’s Your Opinion : Fans Getting Too Close & Touchy To B-Town Actors For Just A Selfie Is Creepy AF!

Amar Singh Rathore

We have seen so many times that people keep barging on to Bollywood actors for a mere selfie and don’t even think it is utmost required to ask for a permission first! Permission lena chahiye naa!

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We have been seeing the craze for clicking photos with celebrities and Bollywood actors among the people from a long time. This has become such a huge trend that wherever celebrities go, the flock follows! They don’t even think once before getting a photo clicked by hook or crook and even cross all the possible boundaries in the process. Recently, a fan tried to get too close to Sara Ali Khan when she was seen at the airport. Though Sara maintained her distance and grace, this creepy fan was going off the limits despite knowing that he is being recorded. See the clip here…

It seems like the guy in blue had no clue about the concept of personal space at all. While Sara was gracious and kind enough that she dealt with the issue quite well, many-a-times celebrities lose their cool and do something which is blown out of proportion and an issue is made which is worth national discussion! Recently, a fan also misbehaved with Vidya Balan where things could have gone haywire. See the video here…

Well, we just need to make it clear that as humans, we must respect everyone’s privacy whether it be actor or normal people. One can’t guess or know what is the other person’s mind-set or mind-space from where she/he is coming from and it can be anything. Long flights and journeys can be taxing and tiring and one must always ask for a photo as these are basic etiquette and manners which all of us must follow!

Various B-Town celebs have always obliged for fan-selfies whether it be Shah Rukh Khan or Kartik Aaryan or Sara Ali Khan whether they give enough time to their fans for these selfies. Hence, they must remain patient and show some empathy when the same is given to them. The obsession towards our B-Town stars is immense and unimaginable and there is no denying they are hugely influential and popular. But at the end of the day, they are also humans and they also have a certain level of privacy issues like any other normal human so let us respect that!

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