Opinion: ‘Madam Vice-President’ Only Person to bring New Dawn In United States

Rutunjay Dole
·2-min read

Kamala Harris, a perfect example of ‘Empowered Women’ is now an ideal choice to heal and unite a deeply divided United States.

Earlier when Kamala Harris arrived in Washington, DC four years ago as a new senator from California, she was offered a place on the senate intelligence committee, one of the most powerful and secretive bodies of the Congress. As the junior-most member of the committee, she sat at the far end of the row of senators during its meetings.

Kamala, who takes over as the 49th vice president of the United States on January 20, will be one of the most powerful occupants of that office. As the ex officio head of the senate, Kamala can break the tie on crucial votes, giving her a major say in critical appointments and an outsized influence on the senate’s legislative agenda. President Joe Biden will have to work more closely with her and be more accommodative to her priorities. She will not be the president’s rubber stamp.

The Fighting Spirit

When Biden named Kamala as his running mate, he singled out her fighting spirit as a key factor behind his choice. “A fearless fighter for the little guy” was how he introduced her. Former national security adviser Susan Rice and California Congresswoman Karen Bass who were on Biden’s shortlist, too, called her “a tenacious fighter”.

Ambitious Character

Ambitious is an adjective that has stuck to Kamala. Less charitable critics even call her opportunistic. They cite her brief, torrid affair with Willie Brown, who was one of California’s most colourful and powerful politicians. When Biden put Kamala in his VP shortlist, many of his team members pointed out that she was “way too ambitious” to be a loyal vice president.

A Positive Hope

Harris has created a positive vibe in the divided United States with her mate President Joe Biden. This positive hope will indeed bring new dawn in US seeing the characters of these two people especially ‘Madam Vice-President.’