Opinion: Neha Kakkar’s Fake Pregnancy Revealed The Fact And Orthodox Mentality Of The Indian Society About Premarital Pregnancy!

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Recently, popular singer Neha Kakkar took to her Instagram handle wherein she posted an image of herself flaunting a baby bump with husband Rohanpreet Singh. The news came as ‘good news’ for her fans but there were people who gossiped about premarital pregnancy. Though later, she revealed that it was part of her new music video Khyaal Rakhya Kar.

This showed that no matter how much India gets developed in terms of technology, finance, and many more aspects globally, Indians mentality is not developed at all. Many people became judgmental about the fact that the singer was pregnant before her marriage. 

People should start taking such things normally. There is nothing to criticize if a lady gets pregnant without getting married. In India, people consider marriage as an official sign and consent that a couple can officially have sex. But if they do while being in a relationship they get judged and criticized. 

Whether to have a child before marriage or after is the girl’s individual choice and she got all the right to decide what she wants to do for herself. Society is no one to question her character just because she has a child before marriage. People should stop seeing it as a crime. 

We are just showing from the outside that we are a modern society inside the reality is different. Wearing western clothes and speaking foreign languages, using branded accessories does not make us modern it is the thinking and acceptance of the normal things that make us modern.