Opinion: Twinkle Khanna is just an overrated under-achiever

Twinkle Khanna

I shall begin by accepting that I have never really been a fan of Twinkle Khanna and I can’t wrap my head around her ‘empowered woman’ status, unless one counts displaying one’s half-baked knowledge through absurd statements as a sign of woman empowerment.

She had once likened child birth to passing of kidney stones by a man to establish how strong a woman is compared to a man. Talk about comparing apples and oranges!

But her interviewer received this arrant illiterate comment with amused laughter: it didn’t occur to him that the lady had just equated a biological process to a medical abnormality. I am sorry, but is ‘ignorant’ the new ‘sassy’ in the feminist world?

Twinkle, the celebrity Twitter-user, has also displayed her innate hatred for Hinduism multiple times. An intellectual, as she likes to consider herself, she even stooped low enough to use the language of ruffians who attack, at times even kill, Indians because of their intense hatred for the ‘gau-mutra imbibing kafirs’.

After deriding the festival of Karva Chauth, when millions of Hindu women pray for their husband’s well being, she takes another uninformed jibe at Sadhguru. I could enumerate several insults she has directed at the Sanatan way of life, but the list will be too long.

Nineteen-year-old Hima Das is making headlines by winning her fifth gold medal in a month. I was expecting that a true-blue feminist like Twinkle would be the first one to extend her wishes to a young girl who made it without a successful father/husband/ male friends and brought glory to her country.

But nothing came from her handle till Sadhguru sent out his congratulatory note. "Hima Das, a Golden shower for India. Congratulations and Blessings. -Sg". The spiritual guru’s meant ‘kanak varsha’ (shower of gold) and his intention was to draw a parallel between the teen-achiever and Goddess Lakshmi with her pot of abundance.

Was Twinkle Khanna aiming at appearing too smart by sending out a scornful tweet as a response to Sg’s tweet? “And here I thought we were only into gau-mutra,” which she later deleted after getting unflattering responses from well-informed netizens.

When were we all about gau-mutra anyway? Unless she had kept herself locked in a tree house somewhere, she would have known that Chandrayaan 2 is on its way to the moon right now. With her absurd tweet, all she has done is expose the hollowness of her assumed intellect, never mind the opulent vocabulary.

She seems to be just a mid-aged aunty who kills time by gossiping about people she detests. Her flawless complexion, accented English and designer perfume can’t distance her from Malati aunty in my apartment complex whose entire day is invested in worthless tittle-tattle about others.

She may imagine that she is feminism personified, but all she has for an identity is ‘daughter of a superstar’, ‘wife of Akshay Kumar’. When she authors a book, her successful moviemaker friend launches it for her, and guess what, he is a man.

Lately she has been keeping herself relevant by taking unsavory jibes at one of the most influential leaders in the world -- Narendra Modi. A man again. Where is all that woman empowerment?

From where I see it, she is only riding on the success of successful men, the ones she likes and the ones she doesn’t.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.