Opulence & Innovation, the two facets of Celebrity Instagrammer Ryan Bishop

If sandy beaches, rocky islands, private beach resorts & a private jet is not opulence, then what is. The insights in the personal life of celebrity Instagrammer Ryan Bishop give a glimpse of his lavish lifestyle. With a strong online community that follows his move, Ryan creates content that engages his followers. From his travel to his business interests, his content captures the pulse of his journey. As an expert in the cannabis industry, his business interests are spread throughout the industry.

To dispel the negativity around the Cannabis plant, the Instagrammer often shares short videos around Cannabis farms. He provides his online followers the exclusive inside view of the state-of-the-art and technologically advanced Cannaris Analytical Labs. In these labs, cannabis is tested for various high-profile clients, including Harvest Health - the largest dispensary organization in the United States.

The CEO of Cannaris Analytical Labs, Ryan Bishop raised his first round of funding in May, this year, to expand his company that has a current valuation of $10 million. “Our labs across North America will provide the highest quality analytical and R&D service while providing consulting to our customers, achieving a safer quality product. All labs will provide the same level of accuracy, customer service, and professionalism,” stated Ryan.

During the hustle, Ryan is expanding the footprint of his brainchild Cannaris. He strikes a balance between his work and personal life. An avid football fan, scooting aficionado and party animal, Ryan Bishop is all about following your passion and realizing your dreams, while building an empire and leaving a legacy.