Oscars 2020: Rewear your outfits! Joaquin Phoenix sets the way forward on red carpet

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Big boost to eco-friendly clothing choices! Rewearing outfits is the new cool celeb mantra to support and boost sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion choices are fast becoming a global mantra. At the Oscars 2020, Joaquin Phoenix turned heads with his choice of wearing a suit designed by Stella McCartney, which he had already been wearing through the awards season. Earlier after the Globes, McCartney had praised the ‘Joker’ actor terming him as a ‘winner’, because he makes choices for the future of the planet and to reduce waste.

With the awards season in full throttle, the entertainment industry’s push for sustainable clothing made its mark at the Oscars red carpet.

Wearing a dress made of organic silk and filament yarn, Lea Seydoux wore an eco-friendly dress made from ‘eco-couture’ fabric.

Kaitlyn Denver opted for a Louis Vuitton gown that was made from eco-responsible silk satin. Elena Andreicheva, who won the Oscar for the best short documentary, wore an eco-friendly dress that was made of filament yard, cashmere and hand-beaded with Swarovski crystals.

Notably, many global events in the entertainment industry such as the Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice and SAG awards have turned bullish about switching to vegan meals.

For instance, the prestigious BAFTA awards, known as the UK’s version of the Oscars, had requested stars to wear eco-friendly outfits.

Notably, Kate Middleton had set the way forward by adhering to the dress code and she wore the same stunning dress that she had worn at a state dinner in Malaysia. A gold embroidered hibiscus design on Kate Middleton’s dress is symbolic of the country’s official flower and an added elegance.

While rewearing clothes at BAFTA was not mandatory, the intent of the organisers was clear to the celebrities, who mostly followed up by opting to rewear their outfits.

New debates and discussions are also emerging on how fashion brands can do more to promote eco-friendly clothing materials to consumers and celebrities.

Be it the Oscars 2020 or the BAFTA, a small step in the right direction makes a big difference to the world at large.