Other choices instead of Chris Hemsworth for Hulk Hogan movie

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Other choices instead of Chris Hemsworth for Hulk Hogan movie
Other choices instead of Chris Hemsworth for Hulk Hogan movie

25 Jan 2021: Other choices instead of Chris Hemsworth for Hulk Hogan movie

Chris Hemsworth is THE choice for playing veteran wrestler Hulk Hogan, because why not!

Just look at him; from the physique to the height, and even good looks which Hogan never had, Hemsworth can do justice to the role, which he will take up with Netflix after completing Thor: Love And Thunder.

But could there be other contenders for portraying Hogan?

Let's explore!

Aquaman: Jason Momoa: DC's offering to Marvel's Hemsworth, checks all boxes

If Marvel has Hemsworth as the muscular hunk, DC has Jason Momoa as the aquatic scorcher with a great body.

The father of two prefers waking up when the sun is still down, for his workout routines, and also included a rock-climbing routine to blast those envious bulges we saw on Aquaman.

So, here is a guy who can, honestly, match Hemsworth's features.

Wolverine: Hugh Jackman: Bit too handsome, but has muscle power

Hugh Jackman would be little too handsome a choice for Hogan, but if we go by muscle power, he could play it well.

After all, he has played the role of mutant Wolverine throughout the X-Men franchise. Apart from his one-liners, the most attractive feature of Hogan has been his ripped body.

He'd need to add a bit more fat to match Hogan.

Bane: Tom Hardy: Can we ever forget his imposing physique?

No one can forget the imposing physique of Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

The way he lifted the caped crusader in a jiffy says something about the actor's tenacity to transform his body akin to the character.

We strongly believe that if the makeup artist does the job right, Hardy could very well play Hulk Hogan pretty aptly.

Superman: Henry Cavill: Our favorite Witcher, DC's Kryptonian Kal-el

He played Kryptonian Kal-el aka Superman for the DC Extended Universe with considerable success.

He even boasted of his workout regimes while sharing an image of himself standing beside a statue of Superman.

Speculation is rife that he'd now join MCU as Captain Britain.

With such a steady superhero routine, can we count Henry Cavill, our favorite Witcher, out of this race?

Last but...: Honorable mentions: Ex-wrestlers Dwayne Johnson and Dave Bautista

Compared to actors beefing up their bodies, wrestlers-turned-actors would do it like a cakewalk.

That's where the name of Dwayne Johnson comes in.

Popularly known as The Rock, he has never shed an inch of muscle since stepping into Hollywood.

There is a similar reason why wrestler Dave Bautista plays the guy none wants to mess with.

Prosthetics could literally make them Hogans!

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