Our love story: Harsh and Hiral

As we celebrate the Month of Love this February, we asked you to share your love story with the world. Thank you for your overwhelming response. Here are some stories that stood out for us.


Our’s was an out-of-the-box love story. We both are now 28. The year was 2007 when it all began, it’s now close to 14 years, it was class 10 and was my classmate.

Photos used with permission.

We studied together since class 1 but never interacted. But suddenly, I managed to gather courage to talk to her and the conservation turned into more conversations and something special. It was too early for two of us, as we were still in school  (class 10), but we defied the odds.

I proposed to her way back then, and was thrilled when she responded positively. 

Being in back in 2007, things were orthodox, and we were aware that our decision wouldn’t be easy.

We didn't have mobile phones, no vehicles, and we would walk for miles just to meet for few minutes.

She used to wait for 3 hours to talk with me for few minutes and I used to wait for few hours just to meet her.

In 2008, we went to different schools and yet managed to hold on to each other.

We both had loving but orthodox families and were caught by our families many times. We went through tough times but we managed to continue and our bonds became stronger day by day.

Our aim was clear:

  • Not to separate under any circumstances.

  • Not to run away from parents, even if it took ages, we had decided, we will marry only when parents agree.

But as old guns say, the wait and perseverance that we put in paid off.

Photos used with permission.

Year 2016 (almost 10 years) brought us the happiness we were waiting for, we managed to convince our parents to be together.

Year 2017 we got engaged.

Year 2018 we got married.

Year 2020 we are blessed with a baby girl (Fight is still on for whom the baby girl looks like). 

We both had tremendous support from our friends who not just helped us get there but also managed to drive us through this phase maturely.

This is our love story, Harsh and Hiral Pathak.

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