Our love story: Umang and Ashmi

As we celebrate the Month of Love this February, we asked you to share your love story with the world. Thank you for your overwhelming response. Here are some stories that stood out for us.


Ours was a typically Indian kind of love story. The year was 2005, and she was my friend’s friend. 

Photos used with permission.

We met during Navratri festival; she came dressed in a typical Gujarati traditional costume and I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. Our lovely friends give us space to spend time together and we enjoyed all 9 days of dancing and celebrations till late night. 

First two years we didn’t tell anyone that we are seeing each other; and that was the time we were flying on cloud 9. Movies, plays, parties, strolls in gardens, eating in restaurants, we didn’t miss any place or opportunity to meet each other.

We texted till morning 4 am, and still eager to meet in the morning. We literally had some kind of chemical ‘lochas’ in our mind and heart.

We both are Gujarati but from different religious background so it was difficult to convince our families to get married. 

We argued and fought; we loved and even broke up during the 4 years of dating. But the pressure was increasing day by on both of us from our families.

Finally we survived the pressure and were able to convince our parents. We got married in 2009 and this 12th Feb 2020 Is our 11th marriage anniversary.

We were blessed with a baby girl in 2012. She is our life now.

Photos used with permission.

When I look back on last 11 years, many things have changed, but the thing that remains is the commitment we gave each other.

Even today, I call her from office everyday and ask her the same thing, “Is everything okay?” and she responds, “No, miss you a lot.” 

I pray to god everyday that he will give us the strength to love each other more and more, and stay together forever

This is our journey of love, Umang & Ashmi Shah.

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