Ovente, one of the leading sources of kitchenware and home appliances has been leading the market the past decade. It has been featured in major media outlets including Celebrity Page on TV, Buzzfeed, HuffPost, and a host of others. A veteran e-commerce seller, the developer of these Ovente small appliances, is on the lookout to widen the brands retain distribution on the strength of various key products that offer unique design and utility. 

Ovente is known for its electric glass kettle made with ProntoFiIl Technology that features a U.S. patent-pending with easy fill lid-design through which we pour water. Allowing you to multi task with your other hand and get more done. There is an auto-shutoff feature in the kettle and also boil-dry protection. When the kettle is in use, a halo of blue LED lights illuminate. 

As per a statement by the CEO, Mr. Machmali, he got inspired by consumer dissatisfaction with the inconvenience of opening and closing of kettle lids to fill them. It would be better if we need not open it. The ProntoFill technology of this kettle is safer, better hygiene and convenient. By mid-January 2020, Ovente plans to stock for Brick and Mortar retail distributor.

Ovente was launched in 2009 to market glass electric kettle online, being one of the first to introduce it in the US. To meet the diverse need of the consumers, various brands and providers of lifestyle products have come up. Ovente gained popularity in U.S. household in comparison to Canadian and European markets. Ovente introduced as a new brand and people got educated about the electric kettles, benefits and innovations. 

Ovente is the fastest-growing kitchen appliances online store in the US providing consumers with home, kitchen and beauty needs by providing high-quality appliances and best online shopping experience. Consumers are being provided with amazing products from Ovente for a home in general and also for beauty products such as vanity mirrors and more. 

Capturing the market, Ovente started by selling first in Amazon and later launched into Macy’s and Walmarts online. There has been a tremendous increase in popularity and acceptance, along with top influencers like Megan Pormer endorsing the brand and their solutions. Besides, the glass kettles Ovente brand emphasised, updating and advancing everyday electrics. They started with portable infrared burners and now have over 400 items.

The CEO, Machmali has said that he is open to new ideas and changes in technology. Ovente is moving at a fast pace in the market, and they are looking for being innovative and provide products accessible to the market for consumers. 

Thus, Ovente is one of the leading kitchen and home appliances online store in the US, providing consumers with the best products and best online shopping experience. 


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