Over 67,000 babies in a day! India records highest births on New Year’s day

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As many as 67,385 babies were born in India on the New Year’s day out of the total of 400,000 globally, a report by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has said. As per the report, an estimated total of 392,078 babies were born across the globe on the first day of the year. India is closely followed by China with 46,299 births.

"The beginning of a new year and a new decade is an opportunity to reflect on our hopes and aspirations not only for our future, but the future of those who will come after us," UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore is quoted by the news agency PTI as saying.

While Fiji is reported to have delivered the first baby of the year as well as decade, US has seen the last birth of day. It is being estimated that over half of the total babies were delivered in eight countries which are – India (67,385), China (46,299), Nigeria (26,039), Pakistan (16,787), Indonesia (13,020), United States of America (10,452), Democratic Republic of Congo (10,247) and Ethiopia (8,493).

Every year on the New Year’s Day, the UNICEF celebrates babies born on the first day of the year. While the UN considers it an auspicious day of births, for millions of babies across the globe, the day is not so.

According to an estimate, nearly 2.5 million newborns died in just one months of their birth in January 2018, while a third lost their lives on the first day. Among those who died, most deaths were due to preventable causes like complications during delivery, premature birth, and infections like sepsis.

Every year, over 2.5 million babies are born dead. As per UNICEF, the last three decades have seen a surge in the survival of the children, cutting the number of kids who die before the age of five by over half. In 2018, around 47 per cent of children died below the age of five in January, which was up from 40 per cent in the year 1990.