‘Overall We Think by 2022 the Entire Industry Will Be Back on Track’, Shares Roozbeh ‘Bruce’ Aghaie Pour

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Roozbeh Aghaie Pour also known as Bruce by many people is one of the most prominent figures in the musical entertainment industry in Europe.

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Bruce, together with his brother, runs one of the most sought after agencies in Europe. Since the early 90’s HR Booking has worked with a variety of artists and djs like DJ Kid Capri, DJ Cash Money, 50 Cent, French Montana, Tyga and many others.

When asked about when the music scene will get back to normal, he estimates, “Overall we think by 2022 the entire industry will be back on track and we will be bringing many live events to a city near you.”

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As a road manager he traveled the world which gave him the unqiue opportunity to not only network with the talents but also the promoters and other industry leaders around the world. Since 2007, Bruce has worked his way through various hurdles to strengthen the firms international position.

Festivals such as the Frauenfeld Festival in Switzerland, Abu Dhabi’s Formular One, some of the most recognized international film festivals and high end night clubs such as the famous Gotha Club in Cannes book their talents via Bruce’s agency and rely on his years of expertise.

Talking about his plans for the future, Bruce shares, “In 2019 we established close ties with agencies in the film and television industry which gives our clients the opportunity to work with new talent. Aside from the bookings, we are planning a new global concert agency to produce shows for our talents.”