'I Overcame My Fear Of Entering The Kitchen In 2020,' Says Bigg Boss 9 Contestant Rochelle Rao- EXCLUSIVE

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2020 has been a year full of overcoming setbacks, learning new things and acquiring passions and hobbies which were all possible due to the extended lockdown.

For actress Rochelle Rao, overcoming one of her biggest setbacks right before home quarantine began, became much of an advantage for her throughout the last couple of months. ALSO READ: Here's The SECRET Behind Keith Sequeira & Rochelle Rao's TONED BODIES

Claiming to not be a big fan of entering the kitchen to cook, Rochelle took quite a u-turn with that statement through the lockdown, during which she experimented with a lot of variety in cooking. "I am not someone who has been very friendly with the kitchen and cooking, so during our wedding one of the vows I had made to Keith was that I would learn how to cook. Hence, earlier this year on Valentine's Day, I went to a cooking class and learnt how to make proper punjabi khana like dal, sabzi, rajma chawal etc, which Keith thoroughly enjoyed. Though little did I know that a month later the world would be under lockdown and my cooking skills would be put to the test! That was definitely a big challenge for me as I was still new to the cooking aspect and nor did we have any live-in help, so we did everything by ourselves and I overcame my fear of the kitchen in 2020. ALSO READ: Rochelle Rao: Women Come In Different Shapes & Sizes, Why Should Everyone Be A Perfect 10?

Rochelle also talks about her favourite cuisine. She added, "I spent a lot of time experimenting with dishes and my favourite cuisine to cook now is Goan food with an Anglo Indian twist. I have to also say kudos to Keith who has been the most adjusting and patient person because no matter what I fed him, no matter how burnt or salty it was, he ate it with a smile on his face, which was quite an encouraging gesture for me to get better with my cooking skills."

Image source: Instagram/rochellerao,Youtube/SpotboyE

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