Overdose of Sex, Filthy Language and Violence In Webseries Is Sickening: Ragini Khanna Talks Like A Boss In This Exclusive Video!

Prathamesh Jadhav

For an India that woke up to the unlimited internet data pack and the ever-growing number of cellphone companies that have swamped the market, sex (coupled with filthy language and violence)  became an easy tool to sell products. No, we are not discussing adult movies here which one can log onto with a deliberate choice. What was sickening was the diktat that every story needs to have shocking and raunchy elements thrown in quite liberally at the expense of the craft of story telling.  The content on even the respectable platforms was driven largely by visuals that were provocative. Cuss words and gory visuals only added the much-needed sensation to fetch eyeballs.

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So when 'Sacred Games' made its presence felt in the OTT space, the thunder it generated was unprecedented. The gripping narrative and unusually intense subject had nudity, cuss words and violence was weaved reasonably well into the narrative. But what followed thereafter stood testimony to the norm that copies are easy to create. But copies, as they say, are cheap!

In the name of creating bold content, and selling it as such, makers were creating anything that had sex and violence as the selling point without giving any importance to substance, meaning or purpose to the package. So when we put this subject matter and the questions the topic demanded (as opposed to the universal 'the script demands it'norm ) to the very talented Ragini Khanna, this is what she had to say. Watch the video below to find out Ragini's take.

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The popular actress from the television landscape talked like a boss and stated that it is sickening to see the trend that focuses on elements discussed above just for the sake of creating the much-needed shock value. What is even more sickening is how the makers want to dish out their offers without understanding or giving an iota of respect to the performers, the part they play and the performances they deliver to make a product worth watching in the first place! Tell us in our comment section below if you agree with Ragini and if you second what she states in this exclusive video.