'I owe my living to Dawood Ibrahim': Ram Gopal Varma

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26 Jan 2021: 'I owe my living to Dawood Ibrahim': Ram Gopal Varma

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is known for making movies on crimes and the underworld.

Speaking in light of his upcoming movie D Company, the director recently opened up about how the "dark side" of humans has often inspired him.

He said that he built his career out of making gangster-based films.

Here's more on what he said.

Details: 'I made a career out of making gangster films'

Talking to SpotboyE about his upcoming project, and his inclination for making films based on real-life gangsters, he revealed, "I owe my living to Dawood Ibrahim. You are right, I made a career out of making gangster films (sic)."

"Seriously speaking I have always been attracted to the dark side of human beings (sic)," the filmmaker further added.

Details: Will 'D Company' be based on actual events?

Varma's upcoming project is reportedly based on the life of wanted underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and his gang.

Talking about the authenticity of the movie, he said, "My D Company sources are straight insiders. I am capturing the story through insiders' perspectives (sic)."

He added that most of his underworld knowledge on Dawood's dealings "came to me very recently."

Fact: Is this movie a sequel to the 2002 release 'Company'?

"My 2002 film Company was based on the fall-out between Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Rajan. That's very much a part of this series but the detailing here will be very different (sic)," Varma further informed in the interview.

Teaser: Recently, a teaser of 'D Company' was released

Varma says D Company is his dream project, and he has done extensive research on Dawood's life to make the movie.

He had recently shared a teaser of the movie, writing, "D Company is not just about Dawood Ibrahim but it's about the various people who lived and died under its shadow. It is produced by SPARK (sic)."

Fact: Here is Varma's tweet

Movies: It's the story of 'most powerful criminal organization in India'

For the unversed, Varma has previously directed many gangster-based movies such as Satya, Company, and the Sarkar franchise, among others.

He said, "Though mafia stories have been told multiple times, D Company intends to realistically capture both the characters and incidents responsible for the creation of the most powerful criminal organization ever in India named after its leader Dawood Ibrahim (sic)."

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