'I Owe My Living To Dawood Ibrahim,' Says Ram Gopal Varma, Adds 'I Made A Career Out Of Gangster Films' - EXCLUSIVE

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Another film D Company on Dawood from you. Why have you made a career of glorifying gangsters? Why not a film on Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa?

Because I owe my living to Dawood Ibrahim .You are right, I made a career out of making gangster films. Seriously speaking I have always been attracted to the dark side of human beings .

How authentic is your film going to be?

My D Company sources are straight insiders .I am capturing the story through insiders’ perspectives .My 2002 film Company was based on the fall-out between Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Rajan.That’s very much a part of this series but the detailing here will be very different because most of my underworld knowledge on Dawood’s dealings came to me very recently

Where and how did you find the actor who plays Dawood in your series?

His name is Akshat Kaanth .I chose him after auditioning nearly 35 people

What do you feel about the rise of the OTT platform in 2020? Do you think it has finished off the movie theatres?

I think any new technology will always create a dent in existing businesses but just how much one has to wait and see

Stars are still asking for 35 and 135 crores .Since you don't work with stars what do you feel should be done about their fees?

Stars are always paid as per market realities

Tell us about your plans for 2021?

I am up to lots of things and will be spreading like corona virus 2.0 into both theatres and OTT’s and no vaccine can stop me.

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