Your own bed in economy class flight? This airline may bring sleeping pods soon

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Want to sleep comfortably in a bed on your next long haul economy class flight? Here’s good news for you! Sleeping during long haul flights has been a problem for many passengers as the seats in economy class are not designed to lie down or stretch legs. However, one airline has developed a prototype and is working on bringing sleeping pods in economy class. Air New Zealand is likely to bring its 'Economy Skynest' in a year at least. The airline that operates one of the lengthiest flight routes, in its prototype has included six sleeping pods and has also filed a patent for its 'Economy Skynest'.

According to Mike Tod, Air New Zealand's chief marketing and customer officer, the concept has been introduced in such a manner that even if pod is used by customers, they will still have their actual seat in the economy class. However, the cost of Skynest is still not finalised and the charges of the pod would be in addition to the cost of booking a seat. This is likely to be introducing in flights that have longer duration like one of 17 hours 40 minutes between Auckland and New Zealand.

Sleeping pods in economy class flight: Check features of Economy Skynest
The Economy Skynest will have six sleeping pods that are 200 cm in length and 58 cm in breadth each. The beds will be placed in three levels and there will be two beds on one level. With each and every bed, a full-size pillow, blankets and sheets will be provided. Not only these, but earphones will also be given and in order to maintain privacy, there are curtains in each pod. The company is still deciding on whether features like reading light and USB outlets could be included. According to the company, it resembles a pod hotel design.

Passengers may also be able to book sessions in pods. Moreover, if the product does well, the company is willing to open its licencing to other airlines as well.

Meanwhile, Air New Zealand currently has an option Economy Skycouch where the economy seats in the flight can be turned into a couch. Some pillows and bedding are offered by the airline. These services are offered standard economic fare.