Padmavati: You will be shocked to know how much Deepika Padukone's jewellery weighs

Suparno Sarkar
Padmavati poster

Deepika Padukone's first look in Padmavati poster had garnered a lot of attention for multiple reasons. Apart from the actress' unibrow in the poster, a lot has been talked about her costume and jewellery in the film.

While Deepika looked stunning in the royal avatar, latest buzz suggests that the actress had to bear a lot of weight to get that appearance. It has been reported that the huge set of jewellery that DP is seen wearing in the poster weighs around 20 kg.

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The Asian Age reported that Deepika's jewellery in Padmavati is rumoured to be weighing around 20 kg. That is a lot of weight, and if it is true, Deepika certainly had a tough time shooting with all those heavy jewels on her body.

Not just the accessories, the diva's costume in the movie also appears to be very heavy. However, this is how queens of that era used to dress up, according to the film's costume designer Rimple Narula.

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"Sanjay Leela Bhansali constantly uses the word 'pure' to describe what he is looking for and that's exactly what we have done. The fabrics used throughout the film are organic, which makes them airy. Everything is hand-woven. A lot of intricate work has gone into every aspect. Yes, many have been talking about the weight of the costumes, but we haven't created something that is impossible to don. The royalty did dress like this at that point of time," the designer told the publication.

While many had appreciated Deepika's look in the poster, many others expressed dislike at the unibrow that the actress donned. However, she chose to ignore the negative comments and thanked fans for the overwhelming response. Check the two posters here:

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