Pailwaan Movie Review: Live Updates On Sudeep's Sports-centric Film!

Chaitra Krishnamurthy

Fans have waited for months to watch Sudeep on the silver screen. The actor is finally returning with Pailwaan, which is releasing worldwide tomorrow. Being a pan-India film, it has already managed to grab the attention of movie buffs across the nation. It is helmed by S Krishna, who had previously collaborated with Sudeep in Hebbuli. While their last project together displayed an outstanding run in the theatres, the audiences have higher expectations from Pailwaan. Here, we bring you all the live updates on Pailwaan from the theatre.

  • Surprisingly, Pailwaan witnessed an average crowd. Majority of the audience consists of young Sudeep fans. The crowd makes for a typical mass audience.


The film opens with an emotional scene, establishing the relationship between Sudeep and Suniel Shetty's characters from the start. Scenes involving wrestling keep your attention intact, meanwhile, the plot in the first half is highly engaging.

Fighting sequences could have avoided a few glitches. But, they have been shot well otherwise, displaying Sudeep's skill at its best.

The romantic relationship between Sudeep's character Krishna aka Kiccha and Rukmini, played by Akanksha Singh, forms the premise of the first half of the film.

Meanwhile, here are a few interesting facts about the Sudeep starrer you ought to know!

Biggest Kannada Release

Reports suggest that Pailwaan is releasing across 3,000 and more theatres tomorrow. Dubbed in nine languages, Sudeep's next will be the biggest Kannada release so far. The maker also announced that the movie would be witnessing simultaneous releases in different continents on the same day.

Sudeep Has Given Blood & Sweat

Sudeep has literally given blood and sweat for S Krishna's film. Apparently, Sudeep wasn't willing to do the film keeping in mind the effort he had to put into achieving the desired look. However, he took up the challenge and worked harder than ever for his role in Pailwaan.

Movie Wouldn't Have Been Made If Not For Sudeep

The director was adamant about having Sudeep on board for Pailwaan. He told Times of India, "I wanted him in a sports-based film. When I spoke to him, he was also quite keen, even though he knew that execution would be a lot of hard work for him. In fact, if Sudeep had not agreed to do Pailwaan, I would not have made it."

Sudeep's Viral Diet

People couldn't stop talking about Sudeep's body in the film when he first shared a picture of his transformation for Pailwaan. When asked what he ate and how hard he worked out for the role, the actor said, "You have five meals that you need to have at the exact time and in the specified quantity no more and no less. There were sacrifices galore in the process. For instance, in such a drastic change, you tend to lose a lot of hair and have mood swings."

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