Pakistani minister who threatened India on Article 370 pelted with eggs, thrashed in London

FE Online

Pakistan Railways minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad was on Tuesday pelted with eggs and beaten up by two officials of the Pakistan People’s Party in London. The incident took place when Rashid came out of a hotel after attending an awards ceremony in London. Following the incident, two PPP officials in UK - Asif Ali Khan and Samah Namaz - released a statement claiming responsibility for the attack.

The officials said that they assaulted Rashid because he had been using ‘abusive language’ for PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Pakistan-based Geo TV cited their statement in which they said: "He (Sheikh Rashid) has been using abusive and bad language during interviews against our Chairman Mr Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. He should be thankful we only used eggs as a British way of dealing with such uncivilised politician. He started this we ended it."

Following this statement, Awami Muslim League UK President Saleem Sheikh said that he would speak to Rashid and lodge a police case in the matter. It was Sheikh Rashid Ahmad who called India’s decision to revoke special status to Jammu and Kashmir a ‘blunder’. He also said that "India was unable to confront Pakistan as it knew that any war between the two Asian countries would not be a conventional war."

Rashid is known for making loose statements against India to please domestic audiences in Pakistan. Earlier in February after the Pulwama attack, he threatened New Delhi with dire consequences if anyone tries to look at Pakistan "with an evil eye". In a video address, Rashid said, "Imran Khan has sent out a clear message. If anyone tries to look at Pakistan with evil in their minds, their eyes will be gouged out. Na phir chidiya chehkengi, na mandiro mein ghantiya bajengi (Neither will birds chirp nor shall bells ring at temples)."

Rashid is also the person who recently said that the operation of Samjhauta and Thar Express trains would not start as long as he is the Railway Minister of Pakistan.