Pakistani Scriptwriter Says Women Should 'Kidnap or Gang Rape' Men for Gender Equality

In a podcast interview uploaded on YouTube, Pakistani scriptwriter Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar spoke about gender equality and how he could only understand equality if women were able to kidnap or gang-rape a man. Ironically, the interviewer was a woman, who seemed equally appalled at Qamar's statements.

According to the Punjab Nahi Jaungi screenwriter, women can be called equal to their male counterparts only if they're able to exhibit the same level of violence that men are capable of inflicting on women. He was apparently asked at an interview to speak about gender equality and what he felt about it. We kid you not, this is almost verbatim what he said - while news of men kidnapping women is common, the other way around is relatively rare and practically never happens. Consequently, women can be called equal only if they're able to "loot a bus" or "gangrape a man". Because, of course, being a man entails you commit crimes in order to assert your masculinity.

Qamar also had some valuable pointers to add about women's modesty and loyalty. To him, the only quality that a woman should possess is that of modesty. If she isn't modest and isn't loyal to her man, she cannot be called a woman. He even went on to term them "non-women."

"By god, there’s no bigger feminist in Pakistan than me but I go for the right, good women," Qamar added in the podcast. And you guessed it, a good woman is one who stays loyal to her husband or her man because he apparently places his dignity and respect in her hands. Say what? A woman's whole life doesn't just revolve around her partner; this is not the 18th century we're living in!

And women's rights? Well, he had his two cents to offer about that as well. Very candidly, Qamar admits that men had slyly snatched women's freedom and rights (shall we say 'thank you'?); however, he says that men had been so sneaky about it that women didn't even realise what was happening and had no clue what rights they're even entitled to. Hence, they ended up denying a part of men's rights.

You can watch the interview here: