'Palmer' marks Justin Timberlake's return to acting after three years

Shubham Dasgupta
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23 Dec 2020: 'Palmer' marks Justin Timberlake's return to acting after three years

It looks like Justin Timberlake wants the audience to sing Cry Me a River again with his latest drama.

Palmer is the latest offering from the multi-hyphenate who returns to his acting career after three years since appearing in Wonder Wheel (2017).

This is an Apple original film and is slated to release on Apple TV+ on January 29, 2021.

Premise: The trailer: Release of a former football player from jail

The trailer gives out a lot of premise about the film, which we hope is not everything Palmer has to offer.

It starts with the release of a former All-USA football player from jail.

Eddie Palmer (Timberlake) has a lot of catching up to do and sits with his old mother, who introduces him to a boy, Sam.

Sam's staying till his mother returns.

Plotline: Encountering the weird Sam, who plays with dolls

Palmer finds it hard to absorb the effeminate traits of Sam, a young school-goer, as his friends tell him that something is "wrong with him."

The criminal can't bear watching Sam play with dolls, so he keeps dropping hints about manhood to the latter.

However, Sam revels too much in himself to pay heed to the line his new-found mentor wants to draw.

Story: Fighting past demons, accepting Sam and moving forward

Palmer has his past demons to fight but feels responsible for the future of Sam, who wonders when his mother will return.

When friends ask him what caused his 12-year imprisonment, he keeps mum.

Meanwhile, he discourages Sam from watching cartoon with no boys, but Sam insists he'd be the first such 'boy'.

Highlights: Teaching the system to Sam in this Fisher Stevens-directorial

Palmer's bond with Sam strengthens and he becomes the only person the latter can count on as a guardian.

Meanwhile, trouble returns to the former sportsman but their friendship continues with the grownup showing how cruel the world becomes when it faces something unusual to its system.

The film, which seems to break gender stereotypes, has been directed by the Oscar winner, Fisher Stevens.