Giant panda Meng Meng gives birth to healthy twins at Berlin Zoo

It was the first time pandas had been delivered in Germany (Picture: Reuters)

These cute little panda cubs are the latest guests at Berlin Zoo.

Mother Meng Meng became the first giant panda to deliver offspring in Germany when she gave birth to the twin cubs on Saturday.

A source at the zoo said: “She placed the tiny creature gently on her belly and began to warm it lovingly with her big paws, warm breath, and the soft fur of her cheeks.”

Zoo director Andreas Knieriem added: “Meng Meng and her two cubs coped well with the birth and are all in good health.”

Panda Meng Meng looks at one of her newborn twin cubs at Berlin Zoo (Picture: Reuters)
A vet tends to one of the new born panda twins after their birth (Picture: Reuters)

The zoo wrote on Twitter everyone was speechless following the births and were happy with their new guests.


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The newborns, whose sex has yet to be determined, weighed 136 and 186 grams.

Keepers only confirmed last week that Meng Meng was pregnant.

She had mated with nine-year-old partner Jiao Qing in April, and was also artificially inseminated to increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

Meng Meng and Jiao Qing arrived from China in June 2017 after being loaned to Zoo Berlin.

The newborns will also have to be returned to China within the next four years after they have finished being weaned.