Papa ko kya hogaya? Badshah on having open talk on sex with daughter

New Delhi: Indian rap star Badshah feels sex shouldn't be shunned away as a taboo topic, and says he can't wait to have sex talk with his daughter at the right age.

His daughter might think "papa ko kya hogaya achanak se", but Badshah plans to make it fun for her.

"Can you talk to your parents about sex? I don't. But that is something that we all must do," Badshah told IANS while discussing how sex still remains a taboo in India.

"I have a daughter and I can't wait to have this chat with her, of course at an appropriate age. I want her to know everything. I don't know how. Probably she will feel awkward 'ke papa ko kya hogaya achanak se' (what happened to papa all of a sudden). I know I have to make it fun," added the singer, who became father to a daughter in 2017.

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Badshah has picked a script which tackles the issue of sex education in India to mark his acting debut in Bollywood. He will be seen as a Punjabi popstar Gabru Ghaatak in his debut film "Khandaani Shafakhana".

"Khandaani Shafakhana", slated to release on August 2, aims to put the spotlight on the issue of how Indian society considers sex a taboo topic through the journey of Sonakshi Sinha's character as she