When we talk about saree, the 6-yard drape of power, grace, sophistication, and elegance comes to our mind which represents the aristocratic womanhood of India. Along with it, what automatically comes to our mind is its inseparable companion- the “Blouse”. This duo bears the history of its own evolving to be what we wear in the modern days. But the history of blouse is as deep as the draping of a Saree.

It is said that the “The Modern Blouse” was originally conceived by Gyanadanandini Devi, a woman who pioneered the cultural reformation and also highly influenced the clothing style of the women of Kolkata with her unique draping style adapted from the Parsi women of her days.

It is said that when Gyanadanandini Devi attempted to enter a British Club wearing a Saree without proper blouse, which was the normal attire for Indian women of those days, she was denied the entry on the ground of improper clothing style, hence with the discontent of Gyanadanandini Devi, the genesis of “The Modernize Blouse” happened. It was eventually metamorphosed and expanded into different varieties and styles.

And one such designer who understands the exorbitant position that the “Blouse” holds in an Indian woman’s clothing style is none other than “Parama Ghosh” who represents the traditional art forms of India like Kantha, Jamdani, Batik, etc through her clothing line “Parama”.

Parama Ghosh, who narrates the story of the mundane beauty of every nook and corner of India through her weaves, has not only taken forth the revolution of the quintessential blouse of Indian but also has reconstructed the vintage blouses and has presented her clientele with a limitless collection. Be it crafting the blouses that convey the tales of Kolkata or exhibiting the art of an artist through the weaves, Parama’s collection has it all.

Her vintage blouses include collections like “Madhubala”-a concoction of brocade, net and lace, “Sohochori” – Kantha on handwoven tussurs and many more to take you back to the bygone days of India. The Kolkata skyline, the bundle of Safety-pins, Yellow taxi, Cycle with coconuts, weaving machines, Parama fabricates everything ordinary in her blouse and put the unnoticed into the limelight.

In her words, “the quest for ordinary things makes the brand “Parama” exceptional. I never seek for the complicacy in life. “Mundane” is what I seek for and this is the foundation of Parama. Somewhere I feel that these ordinary things become extraordinary through the designs that I represent” she added “the biggest challenge was when I started my brand, I started with blouses.

In the case of Saree, you get 6 yards of space to tell the stories or represent your work, but here, just 50cm is given to portray your work. But I think the simple artworks have turned out to be the “Wow factor” for Parama”.

If you want to be a part of this journey of seeking the mundane beauty through the loops of the threads of Parama and to learn more about the stories on fabric, do contact “Parama” on her social media sites.

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