'Parched' actress Tannishtha Chatterjee adopts a baby girl

Actress Tannishtha Chatterjee couldn’t be in a happier space. She has just adopted a 3-year old baby girl and she wants the world to know it’s easier than people think.

“There’s this misconception that adopting a child is very difficult for a single woman. That isn’t true. As a matter of fact the adoption rules favour unmarried people. And I had no difficulty adopting her.”

Tannishtha says she wants her child to be as comfortable as possible. “My daughter remembered her real name. So why should I change it? She has no other memory of her childhood. So besides her name it’s like starting over a new life for her and for me.”

The talented actress can’t get over how much her life has changed. “Earlier I was the centre of my universe. That place has now been taken. My daughter is so talkative, and she is a quick learner. She has already picked up Bengali. She speaks non-stop and I sometimes want to tell her to just stop.”

The doting mother feels a tremendous sense of fulfilment in her new role as a mother. “I used to wonder why there was so much fuss about parenthood, why people claimed it changed their lives completely. Now I know.”

Tannishtha who has just completed her first film as director feels her priorities have changed. “Earlier my work, my films were above everything else. Now nothing matters more than my daughter. I feel she has adopted me instead of the other way around.”

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