Parents reveal what they fear most for children growing up today


Children today are exposed to various influences. (Source: Getty Images)

Cyber security issues, mental health problems to climate change, children of today are faced with many challenges, which makes their growing up years even more complex and hard to cope with. Parents on a Reddit thread recently opened up on what worries them the most about children being raised in today's day and age. Many of you might be able to relate to it:

1. "Constant and continuous bullying. With school and social media you just cant get away from it." -mrjoshua56

2. "My child adopts the idea of preserving his/her mental health in exchange for working hard even when they don't want to. I think that's got to be the most subtly toxic lifestyle choice out there today." -fraybeard

3. "My late night fear is the thought of going through a food or water shortage and watching my child waste away into nothing. The question of either letting them starve/thirst to death or having to kill them before it gets to that terrifies me. Usually I convince myself I'd cut off my arm and leg to cook for them, before I have to force myself to stop thinking about it." -PossiblyBoat

4. "The toxic culture of 'I have to be perfect for everyone all the time' that often stems from social media addiction. Kids these days have the absolute worst self-esteem and the highest rates of anxiety and depression compared to any other generation and I really do believe it's due to the prevalence of living a shallow life only on social media. I want nothing more for my kids than for them to try their best in life and find fulfillment in doing what they love. Social media and the comparison game can kill those things."-SphincterLaw

5. "War and violence" -Shionswaifu