Parisa Mirza-Khan Out To Ignite a Passion for Books and Reading

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More and more, it seems that the world is moving away from books, as mobile phones and gadgets steal more of people’s time and attention. But for vloggers and influencers like Parisa Mirza-Khan, nothing beats an old-fashioned book with a fantastic story. And as her love of books grows by the day, so does her desire and resolve to ignite in people a passion for reading.

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Known as the Social Media Book Blogger and your Reading BFF, Parisa takes her love for books into the digital space. She has mainly grown a massive following on Instagram (@bookswithparisa), where she currently has over 78,000 followers and still counting. The book lover and influencer’s mission is pretty simple—to gather book lovers from all over the world into one online community and encourage them to spread their passion all over and get people to read more stories.

Parisa joined Instagram back in 2019 and started sharing her thoughts on book selections with her followers. She put a lot of time into creating video and graphic content that would perk people’s interests. Later, the book influencer started to move into TikTok as well, where she would also gather a significant following. Mirza-Khan’s approach to vlogging is eccentric and memorable. Accordingly, people have loved listening to her quirky twists on book reviews and reaction videos.

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“I like doing what I call a Flash Book Review and use fun and trending filters,” explains Parisa on her approach to content creation. “I’ll share books with songs and fashion and tie the two together with a common theme. I’ll do a meme video and give it a bibliophile vibe. I’ll use fun effects and make books disappear. I’ll change multiple outfits and books in mere 15 seconds.”

However, the influencer admitted that getting a sense of balance in her life when her social media exploded, she’s now starting to get a good understanding of rhythm and is ready to try new things.

In fact, in 2020, Parisa would start a business called Enchant by Parisa, an online e-commerce shop that offers book novelties, such as mugs, home decorations, and exclusive designs that bring more awareness to close social causes to the entrepreneur’s heart. A portion of the company’s proceeds goes to specific charities that the company promotes. When Parisa isn’t busy playing her CEO role or creating content for her socials, she also appears in other publications for features and interviews. The influencer has come up in publications like BuzzFeed, Bay Area Woman Magazine,,, and many others. She has also started taking on brand affiliate partnerships and has recently signed a deal with Like To Know It. She also serves on the board of Development in Literacy and runs a non-profit organization that seeks to help educate little girls in Pakistan.

Parisa Mirza-Khan believes more than anything that knowledge is power and that books are one of the best ways to grow in knowledge. She hopes that by challenging the world to start reading more, she would start a revolution of self-empowerment and success, especially amongst younger generations. Parisa currently resides in Silicon Valley along with her husband, three kids, and beloved pet dog.

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