Parth Bajaj On Creating Waves In The World Of Food Blogging

Parth Bajaj On Creating Waves In The World Of Food Blogging

Food blogging and food photography have certainly gained momentum in India. If we take a look at the last two years, a considerable number of food bloggers have emerged from different parts of the country. However, only a few have been able to turn their passion into full-grown businesses. Parth Bajaj is one such name in the world of food blogging.

Parth Bajaj is not only central India’s most famous food blogger, but he is also a photographer, YouTuber, and a self-taught home-baker. Based out of Nagpur, he travels across the country to hunt local delicacies and showcase them via digital media. He is also known for crafting his recipes and conducting workshops at his newly designed kitchen studio, which is one of its kind in Nagpur! His workshops aren’t only restricted to baking, but also include food photography, food blogging, digital marketing, and several other topics! During our discussion with him, he added, “ I have been also given the chance to speak at various public fests, events, youth festivals and shared stage with leading personalities.”

Apart from public speaking, he has also judged many cooking competitions and been invited as a chief guest to various events. Although he is an industrial engineer, he has good knowledge of digital marketing and works as a consultant with leading brands! He proudly said, “It’s been a fantastic experience working with Easyday Club, Ariel, Daniel Wellington, Zomato, Swiggy, Über eats, Borosil, Top n Town, Ritebite, Iball, Epigamia, and several other multinationals. I want to put Nagpur on the food map of India.” Parth Bajaj has been introducing new trends like food walks and meet & greets for those who love blogging.

When asked about YouTube, Parth Bajaj said, “ I recently decided to go all-in for the video platform, and that’s when I started posting daily. Even though my channel is still new, I am getting a very positive response from the community. I also have recently started uploading on Tik Tok, and to my surprise, I gained 300,000+ followers in just 3 months. When I first started blogging on Instagram around 2 years back, I had no idea I would come this far. Even when I look at my 46000 followers, it seems like a dream to me, they all have been so much supportive!” Parth Bajaj has been featured in a lot of local newspapers, radio channels, Femina magazine, and digital news media.

Parth Bajaj’s suggestion for budding bloggers – “I would say that if you are passionate enough about it, the only other things which matter would be consistency, content, and patience. Don’t try to imitate anyone else, don’t try to be someone who is not you. Just be who you are, bring something new to the table and work smart”.

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