From A Pastor To A Successful Author, Kary Oberbrunner’s Journey Will Fuel Your Passion

Kary Oberbrunner

Being an author is not an easy one. Apart from sharing their stories, ideas, and experiences in words, every author also expects to be known and heard of while turning their passion into a profitable venture. And as the traditional processes would have it, these talented people find themselves on an arduous journey of publishing and marketing, and yet not accomplish what they expected. Kary Oberbrunner aims to change this for every aspiring author.

Author, coach, speaker, and CEO of Author Academy Elite, Kary has managed to create a proven and process-driven approach to write, publish, and market books so that every writer can gain the most out of their literary work.

About Kary Oberbrunner

Born in West Allis, Wisconsin, Kary served as a pastor for 12 years. Eventually, he left his day job to pursue his passion and bring changes to people’s lives through writing, coaching and speaking. While coaching people on life and leadership, and establishing a million-dollar business with his partner David Branderhorst, Kary wrote six books and published. He realized that the traditional process was not yielding him the results that he expected and he would end up handling most of the marketing himself. He also figured that self-publishing could turn out to be more time-consuming with similar results. That was when he discovered an alternative that would be more evolved than traditional publishing or self-publishing.

The innovative model helped convert his next four books into successful businesses. The process was powerful enough to earn him maximum profits, have controlled work of publishing, and well-planned distribution of his books. That’s how the Author Academy Elite was conceptualized.

About Author Academy Elite

Author Academy Elite offers the aspiring and published authors information on writing, publishing, and marketing. A transformational program, Author Academy Elite delivers Kary Oberbrunner’s expert coaching experiences to authors on how to make the most of their literary works.

The 18-months program includes weekly mentoring by Kary Osborne and other select author coaches. Participants get access to video modules, live mentoring calls, and expert training tools that guide them on how to write, publish, and promote their work effectively. While Author Academy Elite technically serves as a publisher, the participating authors gain 100% profits from the sale.

As an international publisher and the CEO of Author Academy Elite, Kary Oberbrunner has published nearly 1000 authors using his powerful business model. The authors he has published are aged between 9 to 85 years and consist of social media celebrities, television personalities, medical professionals, lawyers, bloggers, podcasters, and many others from different walks of life. Each of them has successfully published and earned recognition across various literary genres like general nonfiction, advice, self-help, business, memoir, health, fantasy, mystery, thriller, science fiction, historical fiction, general fiction, and religion.

Throughout his career, Kary has trained more than 250,000 authors, coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs. With his profound experience in writing, publishing, and mentoring, Kary Oberbrunner has redefined the business of publishing and inspired hundreds of aspiring authors to turn their writing skills into a profitable business.

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