Patralekhaa: My ideal weekend would be chilling at home with my dog, and watching movies

What do you like the most about your weekends?

In a creative line you don’t really have weekends. But when I do I like going to the movies on a Sunday afternoon. And also staying awake a bit late on Saturday night.

What makes you look forward to it?

I feel the weekend is meant for relaxing. My friends, who are not from the industry, can relax during the weekend so we chill together. And, the most important part: New film releases every Friday. So I really look forward to it.

Can you talk about your most memorable weekends?

I have a lot of them. But to share one I would say, when I was at boarding school, every weekend we were allowed to go out to the city!

Do you believe in a work-life balance concept? How do you keep stress at bay?

Yes, I believe in creating work-life balance. I keep stress away by working out and watching movies.

What makes you feel rejuvenated?

Working out, reading and watching series.

Do you think everyone should have a hobby?

Yes, because a hobby is a stress-buster.