Patrick Sargis’ Journey As A Digital Marketer & Plans For His Agency ‘Marketers Edge’

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The internet is a vast world that has helped thousands of people to find their niche and build their businesses. In the past few years, the growth of the online business has seen upward growth. The youth especially enjoy the most perks as they can start their venture online and earn good money. It sounds fancy, but the path requires great skills, hard work and perseverance. Among the thousands, Patrick Sargis is one of them who found his interest in digital marketing.

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Patrick Sargis is the founder of the digital marketing agency Marketers Edge. He helps many top brands and businesses to enhance their growth online and expand their target audience. With creative inputs, copywriting, conversions, optimization and branding, Sargis helps these businesses to have a stronghold in the online market too.

For Sargis, being a full-time digital marketer and an entrepreneur was not a cakewalk. He ensured to learn about every basic and essential information regarding the field. He kept an eye on every update on the internet and how the dynamics of digital marketing changes every year. After all, as a digital marketer, one has to be vigilant and have thorough knowledge about everything. That's how they will help other businesses bloom, and in Patrick's case, his clients are 7, 8, 9-figure businesses.

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So how did Patrick Sargis become an expert and earned a better livelihood for himself as an independent digital marketer? The entrepreneur shares, "I started running online businesses and generating income at a very young age. I would go to conferences, read hundreds of books, and paid to learn from the best marketers in the world."

The Marketers Edge founder says that business has always been his way to evolve in life. Money has been secondary to him as he never hesitated to pay the experts and learn from them. He knew that seeking knowledge from experts would gradually help him to achieve his financial targets. He says, "I'm always aware that I'm not reaching my full potential, and that inspires me to set and achieve bigger goals."

Coming to how much he earned at the beginning and his plans now, you will be amazed. When Patrick Sargis did his first ad for his first client, he generated more than 100,000 per month, and that went on for 6 more months. He started getting multiple clients, and with Marketers Edge, his reach only strengthens, and he started getting bigger clients. With his agency, Sargis wants to focus on generating more than $10,000,000 per year.

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