Supermodel Paulina Porizkova praised for age-positive post about her neck: 'Like 2 sails in the wind'

Paulina Porizkova is celebrating the aging process. (Photo: Sergi Alexander/Getty Images)

Paulina Porizkova isn’t letting her supermodel status stop her from leaning into the aging process.

The 54-year-old Czech-born model and actress has recently started sharing Instagram posts that get frank about aging and her decision to embrace whatever new wrinkles may emerge.

In her latest post, Porizkova — who separated from rocker Ric Ocasek of The Cars in 2017 — pays ode to her neck, admitting that she hated hers until a 2018 photo shoot for Czech Elle. As the late Nora Ephron outlined in her 2006 collection of essays, I Feel Bad About My Neck, it’s an area prone to crepey folds with age, prompting many to retreat behind turtlenecks and scarves.

And Porizkova may have joined them had it not been for her sultry black-and-white shoot, which forced her to see her neck in a new light.

“The ropey parts, sharply defined and angular, suit me I think,” she wrote. “I like the decisiveness of my neck. I look to be on my way somewhere, looking forward to it, being on my way. Like two sails in the wind. And no one can stop me. My neck leads the way.”

She added the hashtags #IDontHateMyNeck#SexyHasNoAgeLimit and #MovingOn.

Porizkova in 1990. (Photo: Rose Hartman/WireImage)

Porizkova’s age-positive post has inspired her fans to share their own sentiments.

“Love your neck!” one follower responded. “Beautiful! I had thyroid surgery twice for thyroid cancer and had my neck spliced open with a bad scar. I don’t love the way it looks but I think ... hey, I’m here and I’m healthy! Chicken neck in all my glory!”

“I love your post and maybe because of you I will begin to love mine too,” read one comment.

“55 next month and I own me,” added a fan. “I don't care about the wrinkles and crepey skin on my neck and arms. Every time I look in the mirror, I see how far I've come. And I'm happy I'm here with all of the imperfections that make me ... ME.”

“Love this,” another commenter wrote. “Been noticing my neck lately too. I want to try and own it. Maybe that’s most beautiful ... owning it and loving ourselves.”

“Well, we’ve got something in common ... thank God!” chimed in former Baywatch actress Gena Lee Nolin. “I have the same ropes and they’re definitely on their way to somewhere groovy! Aging isn’t as horrible as I had thought it would be. I’ve had to look deep within and what I’ve found is pretty darn beautiful!”

Porizkova’s neck post comes just days after she opened up about the pressure on women to look young. She also explained that, while she hasn’t “had anything injected or pulled and tucked YET,” society shouldn’t judge those who have.

“I have gotten so many lovely comments on being ‘real’ and I’m happy anyone cares,” she wrote.

“But this should not diminish those who have chosen a different path. The only thing I mind is women not sharing the truth for the benefit of other women. We are all in the same frickin’ boat! Being a woman today — and throughout thousands of years — has taught us that societal expectations of women are, primarily, to be pretty. It has also taught us that older women are invisible and of very little value. Until our society smartens up and changes, we, women, will feel undervalued if we are not pretty or young.”

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