Mom fights to keep her beloved 'PB4WEGO' license plate after DMV ban: 'It's not offensive'

"Grab a water bottle and pee before we go," is a mantra for one mother in New Hampshire. Not only has she been saying it to her offspring for decades, she’s even had it as her license plate— which reads "PB4WEGO," or "pee before we go" — for the past 15 years. But now the Department of Motor Vehicles is asking her to surrender the vanity license plate.

Wendy Auger of Gonic, N.H. recently received a letter from the DMV informing her that her vanity plate violates state requirements.

"Grab a water bottle and pee before we go," Auger told NBC Boston. "I've been a mom for 27 years and I've been saying this for 27 years."

Auger added that she receives honks and thumbs up due to her vanity plate, and people often stop to take pictures.

But the DMV claimed her vanity plate violated state codes due to its reference to an "excretory function."

"I was shocked," Auger said.

She was told to surrender the "PB4WEGO" plate within 10 days — but she chose to fight instead.

"I decided to appeal it immediately," she said.

Auger wrote to the DMV, stating that her license plate made people smile, and that most people have heard the familiar expression before from their own family members

"It's not offensive," Auger said. "It's what you and everybody says to your children before you walk out the door."

The DMV's legal department is currently reviewing Auger's appeal, but her neighbors have her back.

"Where's her freedom of speech?" Jim Andrews, a fellow Gonic resident, asked. "It's not derogatory."

Until the DMV makes a final decision, "PB4WEGO" will remain on Auger's vehicle.

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