A Peek Into The Exploits Of Influencer Huy Nguyen

huy Nguyen

In a world built on power and influence, no two paths to the top are alike. Some are paved with opportunities at every turn, while others are rife with challenges. Entrepreneurs and influencers live exciting lives built on the fruits of their labor, lives that everyone is watching now. With the rise of social media, influencers can open up a window to their lives hitherto unseen while also inspiring their followers with a single post. The presence of an entrepreneur-influencer comes with tremendous responsibility, but it doesn’t mean they don’t get to have a little fun with it.

From traveling to exotic locales such as the Netherlands to hobnobbing with Houston Texans player JJ Watt, Huy Nguyen gives his Insta followers a glimpse into the life of a self-made entrepreneur. One look at his feed and followers know he is a man who knows what the Houston entrepreneurial scene has to offer. “I wanted to own my own business and do things my way,” Huy explains. “Today, people of all ages message me every day on social media seeking advice, and I enjoy advising them. I teach them things they don’t teach in school.”

The view from the top is earned, and no one knows this better than Huy. A native of Houston, Texas Huy is the owner of AMS ColdPro – a company that provides HVAC services, and founder of The Cargo Crew – a trucking and logistics company launched earlier this year. Starting the company with USD 20K of his savings, Huy built AMS ColdPro into a million-dollar business serving Houston and its neighboring areas. Huy truly enjoys his work and explains, “It’s a great feeling to go to a distressed home because their HVAC system is broken, and be able to diagnose it like a doctor and fix the system with your hands and knowledge.” His passion for what he does genuinely helped him become the success he is today.

Huy’s rise to fame wasn’t exactly conventional. He dropped out of the University of Houston and had a few brushes with the law. After a great deal of struggle, Huy was offered a position as an HVAC technician and used the opportunity to rebuild his life. Forever grateful for the chance to change, Huy worked hard to become an entrepreneurial success and takes every opportunity to enjoy it. A hardworking family man, Huy enjoys his cars and exploring everything his city has to offer. Relatable, honest, and approachable, Huy is a success story and looks forward to sharing advice on his Instagram page. Huy states, “Anything is possible by making the right decisions, hard work, and patience.”

Huy seems very comfortable with the visibility that success has given him and is fond of engaging with those who believe that the American dream is in fact, not dead. As his success grows, he is looking towards expanding outside the state of Texas and continuing to build businesses that improve people’s lives. Huy currently lives in Houston with his wife Jacquelin, and continually gives back to the community through mentoring programs for aspiring business owners. Huy’s strongest belief is the world is anyone’s oyster, and he is passionate about showing that to others.

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