A Peek in the Life of Lifestyle Influencer Dylan Jacob

Dylan Jacob

Lifestyle influencer Dylan Jacob has won many hearts through his social media profiles that offer glimpses of his life and successes. With a global fan-following and having been featured under the Forbes 2018, 30 under 30 list, Dylan has forged his successes in a short time and with lots of hard work.

Today, he has become an inspiration for his followers who look up to him for his successes and the way in which he leads his life. From copying his fashion sense to trying to live a life like him, Dylan’s fans have continued to grow on all platforms.

Denver-based Jacob graduated from Whiteland Community High School in 2013. He dropped out of Purdue University in its second semester. At the age of 24, Dylan is known to be one of the most successful Millenials.

His lifestyle and his way of life have been an inspiration for his followers. With more than thousands of followers on social media, Dylan uses his social posts to reach out and connect with his followers.

In one of these posts, he mentions, “There are no 10 steps to follow, books to read, or programs that can train you. Everybody’s path is different. What worked for me probably won’t work for you. It’s not something you can bottle up and bless the world with. Only you know your vision and can see it through.”

Many of his posts share deep insight into his life experiences and the efforts it took for him to be able to reach successfulness.

He talks about his journey, the ways in which he currently manages his life and the victories he has achieved. By sharing his life’s experiences with his followers he has been able to forge a deep and meaningful connection with his audience.

His life may seem like a series of successes but he tells the truth about times when things did not work out like he wanted them to and how he continued to work towards his goals.

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