Pehle Fursat Mein Nikal: Hindustani Bhau evicted by Salman Khan from 'Bigg Boss 13'

Changed alliances,new politics and good friends turning foes has been the highlight of the past week. The foundation of the house is shaken with too many new revelations and the secret room has changed the game entirely.

Host Salman Khan every week hits the contestants hard by breaking their perception with a dose of reality. Bursting a few myths and crashing their misunderstandings every week and discussing new ‘Mudda’s’ has become common. To give the contestants a taste of their stubbornness, Salman introduces the ‘Thappad’ task but the contestants take the task in a light-hearted manner and let the contestants get slapped by the machine. Salman announces Vishal, Arhaan and Shehnaz as the ones to get slapped today.

Entertainment galore, as Sunil Grover enters the house in his iconic character ‘Gutthi’. He entertains the housemates with some breaking news about the contestants. He jokes around with the contestants and narrates funny news headlines about their fights in the house. Gutthi makes the contestants dance to his tunes as she sings two lines on each one of them and they dance on it.

Later Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma enter the house to promote their upcoming album and host a game for the housemates. In the game the housemates have to tag each other as ‘zero’, ‘khatra’, and ‘Friend’ and give valid reason for the tagging. This game brings out the real feelings of the housemates as they openly reveal what they think of each other. Surely it doesn’t end well when words begin to hit more than open wounds. The housemates turn against each other after getting to know each other’s real feelings.

In the task, Madhurima gets the maximum 'Zero' tags while Shehnaz gets 'Khatra' and Rashami gets 'Friends'.

As always the audiences wait for the shocking eviction of the week. Salman then reveals that Madhurima's eviction was a joke and it is Shehnaz who's getting evicted. Soon after the announcement, Shehnaz gets emotional and starts crying. Later, Salman says he was joking about this one as well and it is Hindustani Bhau who's getting evicted. Vikas Phatak aka Hindustani Bhau recieved the least number of votes and will be evicted.

What will be the next big twist? Has the mirror task had any effect on the housemates? Will relationships, once again take a hit?

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