Penny Karabey On Creating Luxury Next Season, Fashion & Life In New York

Amar Singh Rathore

You have remained a multi-passionate entrepreneur for many years now. Tell us about the work you do and the businesses you run.

I am the owner and Creative Director for Luxury Next Season. An online fashion collective dedicated to bringing the rarest and most sought after luxury fashion pieces to the New York market. The biggest part of my job is interacting with our customers, I have created a community via our social media through which I engage with our customers daily, regarding new pieces we stock, the latest trends or my style which is reflected in the buying I do for Luxury Next Season.

Your story is something many readers would surely relate to. Now, go in detail and tell us how your brand Luxury Next Season came into existence.

I live in New York City, one of the most stylish cities in the world, yet in my neighborhood, I saw so much repetition when it came to what luxury stores were carrying and what women were wearing. My personal style is incredibly edgy, I have an affinity for bright colors and unusual materials. When I was shopping for myself, I seemed to have a hard time finding something for people with style like mine. So I created Luxury Next Season to provide a place for likeminded people, who are more interested in pieces that make their hearts, sing versus classic pieces, to find unique items for their wardrobes.

How do you find your inspirations for designing jewelry? What are some of the key factors you keep in mind while picking the best luxury fashion pieces for your clients?

Any inspiration for both my jewelry designs and my inventory for Luxury Next Season comes from within me. I do not buy or design anything I would not buy or wear myself. I believe this is what our customers love about Luxury Next Season. They trust my taste and my style to bring them the very best, and I do not take that responsibility lightly.

Being a working mother, how do you create a balance between your personal and professional life?

Despite having a passion for business and loving what I do, my family is always my top priority. Spending time with my son is the most important part of my day, regardless of what is planned for the business. I am lucky that my son is in school and participated in many extracurricular activities (he is an avid soccer player among many other things) which provides me the time to work without missing time with him. I do believe that running my own business enables me to be a better mother. I am living my passion with my business and because of that I feel incredibly fulfilled professionally which enables me to also feel more fulfilled in general.

What does your day to day schedule look like?

An average day begins with waking up and seeing my son off to school, I then check to see if any orders need to be completed before checking emails and responding to them. I check our social media hourly as we communicate with our customers on various social platforms and usually have a few queries to answer. Post that, I usually have a few meetings before arriving back home in the late afternoon for family time with my husband and son in the evenings.

Being a New Yorker and a fashion aficionado, do you see the current fashion scene in the city to be more minimalistic?

I am seeing a huge shift towards a minimalistic style here in New York. That being said I think that it is a more elevated and elegant minimalism. While many are still embracing logo mania and ‘the more the better’ mentality, those in fashion seem to be taking a more simple approach and focusing more on quality of materials and silhouettes than logos and flash. I see many New Yorkers wearing the likes of a Bottega Veneta, Loro Piana and Sally Lapointe. All these brands are known for their high quality goods.

What makes your brand different from other luxury fashion brands? As a business owner, what are some of the strategies that help you to keep up with everyday growing industry standards?

Luxury Next Season is not for everyone, I am not trying to market to the masses, and I think that is what sets Luxury Next Season apart. I target those with style and interests similar to my own and therefore I only stock rare and unique pieces that aren’t necessarily classic. I am perfectly happy marketing to a smaller group of customers as I know I am providing them with the best possible experience.

Connect with Penny via her social handles given below:

Instagram: @LuxuryNextSeason and @Penny


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