People in Britain ‘each generate as much CO2 as 212 people in Burundi'

Rob Waugh
People in Burundi are responsible for very few CO2 emissions (Getty)

A report by British charity Christian Aid has thrown into stark relief the effects of the luxurious lifestyles of people in the West - comparing carbon dioxide emissions from the UK with those of people in Burundi.

The report highlighted how African nations - who bear little responsibility for climate change - are likely to suffer some of its worst effects.

Each person in the UK produces as much CO2 as 212 people in the East African Republic of Burundi, the report found.

The researchers write: ‘The data reveals the current responsibility of other more developed countries such as the UK at 5.7 tonnes.

‘That means that the average person in the UK generates as much CO2 as 212 Burundians.’

Christian Aid has called for a reduction in global emissions reductions, as well as for vulnerable nations to develop food security.


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The top 10 countries most vulnerable to food insecurity each generated less than half a tonne of carbon dioxide per person per year, just 0.08% of global carbon emissions.

'This report outlines in stark details the global inequality of climate change and how it is the most vulnerable that are contributing least to the problem and suffering the most,' said Christian Aid's global climate lead and report author Katherine Kramer.

'That is why we need to see rapid and radical emissions reductions in richer, high emitting countries, ending the fossil-fuelled era forever.

'Additionally, these countries need to provide financial support and new technology to help poorer countries to develop cleanly and become resilient to existing and future climate impacts.'

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