Woman perplexes social media with video of mysterious ‘alien-like’ animal: ‘Please tell me that’s not real’

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A woman is going viral after sharing a video of a strange, “alien-like” creature that seems to have thousands of social media users scratching their heads.

The animal, found by a TikTok user named stinkeyescrappy, is seriously freaking out some commenters, while others are determined to discover its species name. In the TikToker’s clip, which now has more than 2.7 million views, she shows the creature from several angles — along with some appropriately creepy background music.

It seems as though the animal is some sort of reptile, although any info beyond that is anyone’s guess. The lizard-like figure, which is clinging onto a rock with its slender, almost human-looking arms, also appears to have a coarse and bumpy body, as well as several long fingers.

“Hopefully someone can help me figure out what this little creature is,” the TikToker captioned her video.

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The clip drew more than 15,000 comments, with users suggesting the creature looked like everything from a “Stranger Things” monster to a piece of Laffy Taffy to Geico’s gecko mascot.

“PLEASE tell me thats not real im BEGGING YOU,” one commenter wrote.

“But imagine it running,” another added.

“Pls return my science experiment or we will find u,” another joked.

Others followed up with several questions in an attempt to determine the species’ name, family or origin. Many commented that they’d tried Googling details about the animal but found nothing.

Stinkeyescrappy even followed up with a little help, sharing that she’d discovered the creature in Boulder City, Nev. However, it seems as though most commenters still couldn’t provide an answer.

“I’m back from Google and I didn’t get an answer,” one user wrote.

“Me Googling ‘lizard with really long arms and legs,” another joked.

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