Boris Johnson effigy dragged through the streets as 'one million protesters' march through London

Anti-Brexit protesters dragged an effigy of Boris Johnson through the streets of Westminster as Remainers gathered to demand a second Brexit referendum on Saturday.

As an extraordinary day in the House of Commons concluded with what appeared to be a likely Brexit delay after the Prime Minister shelved his crunch vote, protesters outside marched from Park Lane to the Houses of Parliament to demand a “People’s Vote”.

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Organisers estimate up to one million people are taking part in the march, a figure is based on information from staff and volunteers on the ground and by examining aerial footage.

One group of protesters were seen near Downing Street, pulling a float depicting top aide Dominic Cummings using Mr Johnson as a puppet.

With Demonic Cummings splashed across its forehead, the figure on the float appears to be wearing a Nazi uniform, including an armband which reads “Get Brexit Done”, and has a Union Jack moustache.

The effigy also depicted the Prime Minister's special advisor Dominic Cummings. (Reuters)

Sadiq Khan was standing at the front of the rally as it set off from Park Lane on Saturday afternoon.

The Labour Mayor of London had previously called on people to join the march, writing in The Independent on Friday that he wanted to “make sure our message is heard loud and clear over the jeers and sneers in the House of Commons”.

Dramatic aerial photos showed the enormous crowd marching through central London towards Parliament Square as voting was due to begin on Saturday.

MPs who support a second referendum including Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Shadow Home Secretary Dianne Abbott.


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Following her speech at the march, Ms Abbott tweeted: “Delighted to speak at #PeoplesVoteMarch today.

“The Johnson/Trump deal will attack living standards & workers’ rights, remove environmental protections, and axe safety & food standards.

“If the deal is so good, then why is the government so worried about putting it to the people?

It comes as Boris Johnson appealed to MPs to get behind his Brexit deal, warning any further delay would be “pointless” and “corrosive” of public trust.

The People's Vote march organisers estimated around one million people were present. (Reuters)
The march was staged to coincide with a crunch Commons vote. (Reuters)

Star Trek actor Sir Patrick Stewart praised a crowd of thousands of people for keeping the fight for a second EU referendum alive as they filled the street of London on Saturday.

And many of them cheered as they learned Boris Johnson had lost a key Commons vote on his Withdrawal Agreement, withholding approval of the deal until the legislation to implement it is in place.

It came after Sir Patrick said the crowd has proven a second referendum was not the “pipe dream” that opponents have described it as.

Stephen McGann (left) and Sir Patrick Stewart (centre) join protesters in an anti-Brexit march. (Photo by Andrew Matthews/PA Images via Getty Images)

He told the crowd: “You haven’t just filled a nice bar in north London, you have taken over an entire city. You haven’t just impacted the Brexit debate, you have transformed British politics.”

Sir Patrick added there was “nothing democratic” about the 2016 referendum.

“People weren’t just misled, they were lied to,” said Sir Patrick.