Perks Incoming: P2PB2B Exchange to Give Away USD 30,000 to PACT Token Holders

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The Token

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The PACT token was released early this year. Everyone who joins gets them on their account and as a bonus for referrals. Almost immediately, staking became available, complete with 180-day deposits with weekly interest. Token creators made a promise to keep providing possibilities for holder community development. And now, here it is, the first exclusive drop.

The Drop

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USD 30,000 worth of USDT will be given away to PACT stakers over the next three months. It will happen gradually: the drop feature will be added on 15 March, and the first USD 1,000 worth of tokens will be distributed as early as 1st April.

The amount will depend on the participants' contribution to the staking pool, e.g., the more coins you deposit, the larger share of the exclusive drop you get. All calculations are made 14 days before the giveaway and visible on the exchange member's profile page. You can stake whatever sum of PACT you want and see the reward.

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