How Personal Style Is More Important According To Anchal Bhardwaj

Aanchal Bhardwaj

A girl loves Fashion and shopping both. Anchal Bhardwaj a famous fashion and lifestyle blogger shares her preferred shopping markets, food and best places to enjoy peace in Delhi.

She likes to experiment a lot with her styling according to different occasions. She thinks style is very important because a personality isn’t the first thing people see.

She believes in the saying of the first impression is the last impression.

Anchal believes a person should have a personal style which makes him/her unique from others. She does not only plays with the current trends but mould it according to her personal style which makes it her own style and not identical.

Delhi is full of people who love going out exploring places and are always keen to know something new.

According to Anchal Sarojini Nagar market is a good market to experiment styling. She finds the Gk M Block market very pocket-friendly to buy all kind of new trends. Whenever she wants to buy any beauty brand which is not easily available in India she visits kunchal in gk.

Furthermore, she Trusts south market for footwear which has a wide variety of brands to choose from.

Undoubtedly She is a big foodie and her favourite Chinese food like other Delhi girls is Dimsum. Anchal has been to almost every famous club restaurant in Delhi. Despite having all the luxurious cuisines at hotels and restaurants she likes Indian food above all. She said, “nothing makes her happy than eating Indian food.”

Another reason why she loves Indian food is that it has a vast variety of dishes.

In the hustle-bustle of work and family whenever she finds a need for peace she visits Gurudwara and takes blessings from God.
She also mentioned about historical places in Delhi where she finds peace in visiting and learning about the history of these places.

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