Personality Traits of Thursday Born People As per Zodiac Sign

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Well, have you heard this saying from the ancient Indian wisdom - “Time creates existence, Time destroys it”? It only reaffirms our faith in something that all of us know - the supremacy of time. However, time is not a single block, it is divided into units, like seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and so on. And do you know that time is entwined with the entire existence such that there is an unbreakable link between time and the rest of creation? And to make life easier, over the millennia, humans have evolved methods and strategies that can guide us and make better choices and do better in our lives. One mechanism which measures the interaction between time and matter and thus deciphers human and non-human destiny and predicts their future is the marvel of Astrology.

As per Astrology, all that happens on a particular date and time has some commonality. And it is quite reasonable and appealing because all the things that take place on the same specific day or time, share the same prevailing rhythm and harmony of the universe. So, all those who are born on the same particular day have something in common. Well, there are seven days in the week. So, let us talk about Thursday, the day of the Guru or Jupiter. What do all the people who are born on Thursday have in common? For sure, it's interesting to know it, for you, the people around you and for your near & dear ones, so just read on and delve into these findings of the most effective natural-logical technique called Astrology:

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Thursday Born People: They Have A Startling Personality
The fifth day of the week is Thursday. Thursday is ruled by the most remarkable planet that is Jupiter. Fortune shines royally on these individuals. The birth on Thursday signifies expansion, joy, positivity, optimism, confidence, perspective and good humour. You are very optimistic and you can expand your wealth manifold through your positive approach. You want everything to be larger than life. At times, you may become depressed but you can recharge yourself with optimism and keep adhering to the positive aspect of life. Besides, Jupiter is the planet of scholars. So, Thursday born people will show a special philosophical fervour to share with others. You can be very good as an advisor or mentor. You may be mostly surrounded by people who regularly seek your views and judgment.

Thursday Born Personality & Success On The Career Front
Thursday borns treat every team member with compassion and with utmost love. You always stay at the top position, be in service or business and nobody has the guts to challenge you. Everyone respects you and they listen to your thoughts with a lot of attention and respect. So for you, the career options where you can do well are - teaching, philosophy, management, advisory, and politics. You can excel with flying colours in these professions. Those born on Thursday hate regular jobs and you always want to keep changing as it brings about variety. Amazingly, you are highly curious and you are in search of new & exciting things that intrigue you.

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Thursday Born People Enjoy A Sparkling Love Life
In the love life, Thursday borns are highly expressive and convey their feelings in a highly open manner. You speak out your mind sometimes without considering how other people may feel. This habit may put you in a difficult situation at times. Though you are a passionate lover, you get bored quite easily. Thus you should find a partner who is adventurous and outgoing. As for relationships, you do well with the people who are born under 3, 21, and 30 dates. As for keeping secrets, you may be enthusiastic to share things.

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Thursday Born People Enjoy A Flourishing Married Life
As for married life, Thursday born people are very intense. You vouch for exciting & interesting partners who are adventurous and who always make the day special for your loved ones by exchanging gifts very often. However, your wrong words may cause problems in your love life, thus you should curb your anger and frustration. You should also ensure while speaking that your words are not disharmonious.

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Thursday Born People Live A Long & Healthy Life
The health of Thursday born people will be at optimum. However, if Saturn is badly placed in your chart, then you may face problems in sound sleep. Then, you may also face other health conditions related to teeth, stomach issues, and delay in marriage.

Negative and Positive Traits of Thursday Born People

Positive Traits : Negative Traits
Energetic : Vengence
Cheery : Disrespectful
Truthful : Egoistic
Determined : Ignorant
Romantic : Greedy

Thursday Born People: What Are Your Negative Traits?
Those born on Thursday may have a big ego problem. This can make you hard-hearted by nature. Also, you may be very moody. Thus you may get into scuffles, but surprisingly, you may become kinder also in no time like a rose petal. Your control over your desires is less and you may be under the influence of greed, in some situations. However, with maturity, your greed may go away. You are quite particular about following your plans. Thus at times, you want everyone to follow the path that you are paving.

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